Max Hellerstein

“Give me but one firm spot on which to stand and I will move the earth.”
- Archimedes, 287 BC


I spend pretty much all of my time working on Extra, a financial services company focused on helping 100M people get access to credit in America. When i’m not doing that, I use my time to share experiences and learn from other people looking to leave the earth better than they found it, as I tend to get along with them best.


In 2012, I co-founded 367 Productions with my best friend Cyrus Summerlin, our first startup. We manufactured apparel and accessories for “influencers” at a boutique scale, in Cy’s mothers basement. You can take a look at some photos here.

In 2013, Cyrus and I co-founded Push For Pizza, the easiest way to order pizza ever. You’ve probably seen our video, it is one of our most notable accomplishments. Push For Pizza was acquired by Eaze in 2017, and subsequently shut-down.

In 2016, I became an Entrepreneur in Residence at Ironside Capital, with a focus on listing ASX:DCC, a company driven around international financial inclusion for the blockchain. Or in simpler terms, our mission was to help less fortunate people get access to modern banking tools.

In 2019 I co-founded Down To Shop, the “QVC” for the next generation. We built an incredibly devoted fan-base of over 250,000 people and made the content we always wanted to exist.  You can see some of the stuff we made here.

In 2020, Cyrus and I made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in Consumer Technology for Down To Shop. Later that year, we decided to sunset Down To Shop to work on a more meaningful problem.

Solving Something Interesting? Look here!

Sometimes I invest in companies, or just provide advice to founders looking to make a mark on this world. If this is you, shoot me a note sometime. The best way is maxhellerstein(at)